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Emeklilik ve sosyal güvenlik

The European Convention on Social Security is applicable between Italy and Turkey. The basic rule of the convention is the territoriality principle, i.e. the worker shall be insured where he/she works. The exception to this rule is the “detachment” which is disciplined by the mentioned Convention. On the basis of detachment, which in general can no be longer than 12 months, the worker shall continue to be insured in the country where her/his company is based (i.e. Italy) without being subject to paying contributions in the country where he/she temporarily works (i.e. Turkey), on the condition that he/she is a holder of the detachment certificate (CE1 form). For further info on conditions of detachment and possibility of prorogation (CE2 form) please refer to INPS or Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies.

The Turkish Ministry of Labour has established a phone number ALO 170 to answer questions on the Turkish social security system. Information on work permits are available on the webiste of the Ministry of Labour