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Town Twinning between Turkey and EU-II: Twinning for a Green Future Grant Scheme

The call for proposals for the Town Twinning between Turkey and EU-II: Twinning for a Green Future Grant Scheme was published on 10 December 2021. It is envisaged that the programme will be carried out during the 2022-2023 period. The grant program, which has a total budget of EUR 2.5 million, aims at enhancing sustainable and permanent dialogue between Turkish and EU local authorities and strengthen the capacity of local authorities for the purposes of climate and environment-based actions.

Grant support of at least EUR 60,000 and up to EUR 100,000 will be provided to the projects jointly developed by municipalities, special provincial administrations (SPAs), Departments of Investment Monitoring and Coordination (DIMCs) in Turkey and local authorities in EU member states. Three priority areas are identified under the grant scheme:

· Development of local plans, strategies, roadmaps and/or preparation of decision-making tools (modelling, impact and vulnerability analysis, etc.) with regard to climate change.

· Enhancing the capacity of local authorities and enabling exchange of adaptation know-how and experience among local authorities within Turkey and/or the EU for creation and/or implementation of climate change adaptation technologies and systems.

· Raising public awareness on climate and environment related issues, particularly actions targeting children and youth.

Applications must be submitted to the Ministry for Treasury and Finance – Central Finance and Contracts Unit by post, private courier service or hand delivery before 1 March 2022, by 17:00. Further information is available on