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II Festival di danza contemporanea ” Solo”

L’Ambasciata d’Italia ad Ankara ha il piacere di annunciarvi le performance delle ballerine italiane, in collaborazione con il SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Dance Festival di Torino, nell’ambito della seconda edizione del Festival di Danza Contemporanea “Solo”, che avrà luogo dal 28 al 30 giugno p.v. presso il Cermodern di Ankara.

OPEN AIR STAGE PERFORMANCES (28,29,30 giugno dalle 20.30 alle 23.15)

Francesca Bedin, “SUB”
Venerdì 28 giugno 2019 ore 23.00

Priscilla Pizziol, “VENGO A PERDERTI”
Sabato 29 giugno 2019 ore 22.45

Presso: Cermodern, Altınsoy Cad. No:3 06101 Sıhhıye, Ankara

Per informazioni dettagliate :


choreography Giulia Menti
dance Francesca Bedin
costume Marica Valdesolo
photography Giulia Furlani photography
production Festival Danza in Rete – Vicenza/Schio
with the support of CUCA Centro Urbano Cultura Artistica

The project explore the concept of resiliency, in the direction of feel comfortable and adapt in a
world that sometimes we don’t understand.
The aim of feeling uncomfortable with the space and the body is developed like a trip to
understand ourselves… challenging by squezzing and expanding in the space, learning how to
breath even when we are totally overwhelmed.
Water become the symbol of all the stuff that fill our life, pushing the dancer down like obligation
and events do…
There will be a research of adapting in uncomfortable situation working on the concept of being a
SUB… with a snorkel to breath even when you are totally overwhelmed by water.
The dancer will explore the space initially trying to be strong and powerful, going against situations
that pushed her… then trying to adapt in the space, slowly understanding that she will be able to
breathe in every situation, even the worser.

by and with Priscilla Pizziol

This is a story about will, will to get to know yourself in all of your rawness, will to let go of all the
norms and uncertainties, the will to surrender into a state where the origin of the movement arise
from an authentic need of the body to get connected to the surrounding space and not the
necessity of the ego to get manifested.
“Vengo a perderti” is the will to abandon yourself.
A dance that lays in between persuasion and insecurity, exploring all the shades of what is and
what is not, that appears very grounded and at the same time holding on to a rope.